Saturday, May 25, 2013

my eyes are bigger than my attention span

If you follow me on Instagram (@amandalouise01), you'll see that my feed is usually full of food, coffee, and what I'm currently reading. I was talking with a friend recently and they couldn't believe how fast I read. I do read incredibly fast (hardly a speed reader, but faster than average I'd guess), but I was a bit confused by their comment until I realized - they thought that every time I Instagrammed a new book, I had finished the one I'd previously photographed.

Ha. Ha ha ha.

I have a chronic condition that prevents me from sitting and plowing through one book completely before beginning the next. I don't have ADD, I swear. I just can't help myself. I want to read everything. All at once. I read a chapter here and there, and slowly make progress on a stack of books so large it's not even a stack anymore.

It's a shelf.

That top shelf? My "currently reading" shelf. It's 2 rows deep.
I know.

And the number I've dabbled in over the past couple weeks? Way over a dozen. It's a problem, I tell you.

Instead of trying to change this behavior, I created this blog to facilitate it. I don't read a book and then want to write a review. I read a chapter, underline some great thoughts I want to think or talk about, then move on to the next book and don't come back around to it again until maybe a month or so later. Writing some of them down and sharing them here helps me remember where I left off.

I'm always curious about others' reading habits. Are you the type to steadfastly finish what you start, or do you pop from one thing to the next?

Here's a peek at the 5 most recent books I've been reading (there are many, many more):
-The Princess by Lori Wick*
-Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer
-Quiet by Susan Cain
-Five Chiefs by Justice John Paul Stevens
-Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin

*I don't really read fiction and when I do I'm snobby about it. With one small exception: I have a soft spot for cheesy Christian romances that I read in high school and occasionally break them out as comfort reading. Like ice cream for my brain.


  1. i am more of a "finish the book you started" kind of reader. except when i come a cross a book that i want to read more than the book i am currently reading, in which case the new comer gets my full attention.
    i used to read christian fiction in high school a lot. i sometimes go back there {trying to accept myself as i am. ahem} and it.s just comfort reading, as you said.

  2. I often jump around from different books before finishing them. Unless I'm so engrossed in a particular book that I can't stop reading it. Then I usually disappear from society for a couple of days until it's finished!

  3. I can read no more than two books at a time. Every time I go to the library I end up with more books than that and find at least 2-3 go back having never been cracked open. Now, I do read the vast majority of books straight through. I miss riding the bus to work because I was powering through my reading list. I can't even accept my ever growing "to-read" shelf on I just pick up some random fiction / how to book instead so I feel like I've read something!

  4. I have to finish a book before I started a new one. It's been that way for as long as I can remember. Growing up if there was a book I wasn't really enjoying, I'd stop reading for a while since I didn't want to pick it up. I'd eventually start a new one, but very rarely (never that I can remember) went back to a book already in progress.

  5. I love the idea for this blog so much!...I like it so much that I want to guest blog...or something? Any thoughts?

  6. Do you have Goodreads? On there, you can even record what page you are on in your books :)


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