Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Introducing the 101 in 1,001

From this day onward I will no longer be making promises about blog posts appearing on a certain date as I'm clearly incapable of following through on that. That said, it's time to enter the world of the 101 in 1,001 list. This is my second list (as I mentioned). I began it almost two years ago and only have about 9 months left. Yikes!

As you can see, it was last updated in early March and has been completely neglected for nearly 7 months. I'm hoping I can still put forward some solid progress in the months remaining but I realize I'm going to have to start prioritizing this. Just so you can see where I was the last time I worked on this, I'm sharing the March 2013 version. I'll do an update soon about what, if any, inadvertent progress I made this year.

Below is the list, as it stood when the challenge ended on June 28, 2014.

101 Goals :: 1,001 Days - Round Two
{October 01, 2011 - June 28, 2014}

Last updated: June 28, 2014
Key: Completed

(01) Move into a "big girl" house DONE 02.08.13
(02) Menu plan every week
(03) Buy a new cookbook DONE 12.24.13
(04) Try 50 new recipes
(05 ) Craft something for my house
(06) Create a cleaning schedule and stick with it DONE 05.30.12
(07) Every 6 months, donate clothes that haven't been worn DONE 06.14.14
(08) Get all photos into albums
(09) Decorate my own Christmas tree DONE 12.16.12
(10) Can something

(11) Compile a list of my favorite inspiring quotes DONE 06.28.14
(12) Swim with dolphins
(13) Watch the sun rise over the ocean
(14) Have a twice-a-month coffee shop date with myself DONE 06.28.14
(15) Greet every day with a smile: no snooze button for a month DONE 01.31.12
(16) Go to the opera
(17) Listen to the symphony DONE 04.12.12
(18) Watch a ballet
(19) Attend the theater DONE 03.26.14
(20) Go to a comedy club
(21) Ride in a hot air balloon
(22) Watch 15 foreign films 
(23) Watch all the Oscar "Best Picture" films one year
(24) Visit 5 museums 
(25) Go to 3 concerts DONE 05.26.12

(26) Sign up for a refresher French class
(27) Begin formally learning a 3rd language
(28) Read 75 new-to-me books
(29) Read the entire Bible 
(30) Memorize Scripture DONE 06.28.14
(31) Read the Complete Works of Shakespeare
(32) Read every book on my bookshelves
(33) Read a book of poems

{on the map}
(34) Visit 3 states in the US I've never been to before DONE
01.03.12-01.04.12 :: Arizona. New Mexico. Arkansas. Tennessee.
05.03.12 :: Kentucky
08.17.12 :: Georgia
(35) Take a cruise
(36) Get another stamp in my passport
(37) Visit 3 national parks
(38) Go on a roadtrip DONE 01.02.12-01.05.12
(39) Go camping
(40) Climb a mountain
(41) Take a trip by plane DONE 04.26.12
(42) Meet a blog/twitter friend DONE
San (11.11.11)
 Katherine (12.30.11)
 Brittany (01.02.12)
Lora (01.07.12)
 Tracee (01.15.12)
 Katie (01.20.12)
Leigh (01.21.12) 
Alece (02.16.12)
Amanda (01.04.13)
Stephanie (09.13.13)
Linda (12.28.13)
(43) Attend a conference in a different state DONE 01.18.13
(44) Go on vacation by myself
(45) Buy something from the SkyMall
(46) Visit 10 historical markers

(47) Attend a community event every month DONE 06.28.14
(48) Participate in ten acts of community service DONE 06.28.14
(49) Join the Junior League
(50) Join the D.A.R.
(51) Discover 40 new local restaurants DONE
(52) Buy a tourist guidebook for my city and explore DONE 04.02.14
(53) Attend a professional sporting event DONE 08.17.12

(54) College Roommate reunion DONE 12.28.11
(55) Attend my 5 year college reunion
(56) Attend my 10 year high school reunion
(57) Catch up with a friend each week DONE
(58) Send 20 handwritten letters 
(59) Make a list of my friends' birthdays and send each of them a card on time for a year
(60) Give a "just because" gift DONE
(61) Babysit for a friend with kids so they can have the day off DONE 10.04.12

(62) Pass the Bar Exam DONE 11.18.11
(63) Set up budget to pay back student loans DONE 01.16.12
(64) Attend one professional development or networking event each quarter
(65) Read 42 new books or articles in my field 
(66) Volunteer as a mentor for undergraduate or law students DONE 12.18.11

(67) Complete the Couch-to-5K program
(68) Run a 5K
(69) Sign up for yoga classes
(70) Play a game of kickball
(71) Learn a new sport
(72) Set a weight loss goal and meet it DONE 12.30.11
(73) Give up soda for at least one month DONE 02.09.12
(74) Give up sugar for at least one month DONE 02.09.12
(75) Get my wisdom teeth pulled
(76) Get a pedicure
(77) Get a massage
(78) Sign up for a CSA box

(79) Put $5 in Paris account for every goal completed - $210
(80) Put $10 in savings for every goal that goes uncompleted - $580
(81) Be {consumer}debt free
(82) Buy a new (to me) car
(83) Donate money to my college(s) DONE
(84) Sponsor a missionary DONE
(85) Choose 3 organizations to contribute to financially DONE

(86) Play a round of miniature golf DONE 12.20.11
(87) Play bingo
(88) Go to the drive-in
(89) Ride a horse
(90) Pick some fruit
(91) Go on a sailboat
(92) Discover 10 new (to me) musicians (2/10) DONE
(93) Learn to drive a stick shift
(94) Finish Oman study abroad photo book
(95) Buy something at a garage sale DONE 09.01.12
(96) Watch The West Wing from start to finish DONE 07.01.13
(97) Buy 25 things off of Etsy
(98) Do something spontaneous DONE 05.30.13
(99) Do something out of my comfort zone DONE 10.30.12
(100) Complete a goal I didn't even know I had DONE 05.03.12
(101) Document the completion/progress of each goal DONE

Completed: 43 (42.57%)

Two questions for you:

  1. Which goal(s) on this list would you be most interested in hearing about (completed or still in progress)?
  2. What's one item on your list (whatever it's called - bucket list, goals, new year's resolutions, etc.)?


  1. Learning to drive a stick shift...b/c that's always fun! ;)

    Also, are you going to the 5-year reunion??

  2. My list - all the states!

    Was daydreaming today about squeezing a solo vacation before year's end to Nashville.
    Linda (http://linda.curious-notions.net)


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