Friday, September 13, 2013

state of the blog - Y1Q1

I realized this week that it's been about 4 months since I started this blog. Time flies! Almost half of that time I have spent the better portion of my days with my left ankle elevated, wrapped, iced...keeping my eye on swelling and bruising and counting the hours between Motrin doses.

Not exactly how I foresaw Summer 2013 back in May.

I thought I'd take a moment and look at the past season on the blog and perhaps do some thinking about the next quarter (which, by my calculation, will put us into 2014).

This wee blog officially launched on May 10, 2013. F. Scott Fitzgerald's observation that "there is just so much to read, for one thing" resonated with me and gave me a bit of structure for my re-entry into the sphere of blogging. I wanted this to be a place to share what stuck out to me from the pages I was reading. A place to process some bigger questions, and also to rejoin the ranks of a community I was beginning to miss very much. I've been blogging with varying degrees of intensity since 2005. While we've gotten off to a slow start this first quarter (due largely to events in my personal life I have been debating about writing about), I'm still hopeful for this place.

We've talked about quite a few books over the past few months, and you can see a list of anything I discussed in any detail (not simply a link) by visiting the My Bookshelf page above. Not every book mentioned is something I would recommend, but there you go. Check out Goodreads to see my constantly expanding "to-read" list.

The only books I've finished have been novels, which I find completely fascinating given my disinterest in fiction. I can't say any were necessarily "better" than the rest, but if I were going to recommend something it would probably be The American Heiress.

The book I've started, not finished, and am most looking forward to picking back up is Lean In. Quiet is a close second.

I think the big theme from the past few months has been a lack of focus. I've felt scattered and noncommittal on several fronts, which is ironic given my word for the year is Rooted and I'm supposed to be digging deeper. This has manifested in start-stop blogging, or just a total lack of writing at all.

I put Nashville in the name of this blog primarily because it is, itself, a character in this "page" of my life. I love this city more than I've loved any other, save Paris (and really, that's not a fair contest). While Music City hasn't featured incredibly prominently on these pages this summer, the outing to Shakespeare in the Park was a prime example of what I love so much about this place. It definitely inspired me to give you more frequent glimpses into one of America's best towns.

Coming Up for Q2
-You can expect more posting in the next four months, this I feel confident in promising. I imagine that the vision and theme of the blog will take on some more definition as I interact here more regularly.

-In addition to continued musings inspired by what I'm reading, I'm going to be introducing back into the mix my Day Zero Project, goal-orientedness in general, and some focused thought on "next pages" in life, not just in literature.

-Thoughts on the Summer of Brene Brown will continue, but it will likely be the Year of Brene Brown at the rate I am going.

-I want to use this space to document daily life a bit more intentionally, while still leaving some things for life off the screen. I have chosen to keep things simple around here and I don't think that will change.

Thank you for reading (and commenting/emailing) - here's to a new page!


  1. omg, so cool. (lately used OMG so often *eyeroll*)
    I am currently reading Quiet and although i.m not really into psychology stuff and i feel so dummy when i hear people talk about such things, this book is great. my friend (who is a Psychology graduate) recommended it and she was right that it.s good. Why do i read it? because i need more info on my introversion.
    also, OMG (see?) i am so glad you decided to bring back the Day Zero project. I always liked your goals and thought they were doable as well as stretching and able to make you go out of your comfort zone, exactly what a Day Zero project is for.
    looking forward for the new things for the blog:)

  2. Love the focus on books and the deeper thoughts in this post, it is so refreshing!


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