Saturday, October 26, 2013

hidden lake

One of my new favorite little secrets in Nashville (that's not a secret at all) is Radnor Lake. Just south of the heart of the city is a gorgeous lake with lots of hiking trails of varying difficulty. You can't see any evidence that you're in a city when you're there, making it the perfect escape. Lora and I have been talking about going for a hike there together for literally almost 2 years and a couple weeks ago we finally made it!

My ankle was finally feeling sturdy enough that I thought I could tackle a slow stroll and Lora was so kind to stick to my turtle-like pace. I'm hoping to get back again this season when the leaves are changing more but haven't fallen yet.

I'm doing the opposite of being active outdoors today. I'm spending the afternoon snuggled under blankets watching the Harry Potter movies with a friend who has never seen them before.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Wow! That is so pretty! And I am happy to hear your ankle felt sturdy enough to get out on the trails for a nice walk. Yea! I love being by water. Having grown up in the Minnesota area, being around lakes is just in my blood. It's just good for my soul to be by water!

  2. Lovely, peaceful lake, Amanda. I spent yesterday dancing in "Danzas Circulares" with a friend. It was a good combination of spiritual and folk dancing. Really enjoyed it.


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