Friday, November 15, 2013

Big Block of Cheese Day

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to try and come up with some kind of calendar to help me post more regularly. Today, my iPhone tells me it is "poli sci nerd at heart day" which lined up quite nicely with a question Anne asked in the comments to my bookshelf post.

So here's a little more about my collection of presidential biographies. It started in college, when I was just a wee Political Science major working on a presidential primary campaign. That was the most fun 18 months. And also very stressful. Around the time that I was meeting and observing most of our political leaders (which made for a nice comparison study, because it's not often you meet a different candidate every day of the week), they published a collection of Ronald Reagan's letters. It's huge, but so intriguing.

I began to see many similarities (more than differences, to tell the truth) between the current candidates I was interacting with and President Reagan. I wondered: what do all these people who decide to run for - and win - the highest office in the land have in common? So I did what any good, studious little nerd does and I started reading. I've read books on Reagan, Obama, Clinton, and Theodore Roosevelt. I branched out to include contemporary "significant" candidates, as well as First Ladies. It is, quite honestly, my biggest little quirk.

Up next on my to-read stack is Andrew Jackson, as told by Jon Meacham. Who, let me tell you, is one of my favorite historians. [Seriously, I have favorites] I also have his book about Thomas Jefferson, and I had the great joy of seeing him interview General Colin Powell last year at an event at Belmont. He lives here in Nashville, and I would love to someday get to pick his brain. My field trip for the end of this book will be to The Hermitage, President Jackson's home that is right outside Nashville as well.

I hope that he at least mentions Big Block of Cheese Day, which I confess is one of my first associations whenever I hear Andrew Jackson's name. Please tell me you know what I'm talking about.


So that's me. Your friendly, local presidential history nerd.

Do you "collect" books along a particular theme?


  1. That is very cool that you collect presidential biographies! I read a book about JFK years ago, but that's it!

    I collect books about or set in France! I have a growing collection since I tend to receive those kind of books from friends since they know it will be a hit with me!

  2. I am such a slug. My reading these days consists of fluffy murder mystery/romance sort of stuff..... I just wanna be entertained.

  3. Hi, friend! Just wanted to let you know that your blog has been nominated in my 3rd annual Blog Awards!


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