Saturday, November 23, 2013


I feel like as long as I manage to post at least once a week, I'm winning this blogging thing. That's what I say to comfort myself. Unfortunately for you, I can't promise what gets posted will be amazing. My life right now is thrilling [insert sarcasm font] and I can tell you agree since not even one of you had anything to say on my "Day in the Life" post :)

I leave you with two pictures that sum up why I haven't blogged much lately. Consider them worth 2,000 words.

Compare to the last time you saw these.


  1. Ugh. RIP computer. That SUCKS. I had to order a new one this week as well. My current one is hanging on by a thread.

    My life seems far from interesting these days, too. I mean, besides my upcoming Paris trip, of course. But besides that, I hate it when people ask what is new because I have nothing interesting to say!

  2. My life has been kind of boring, too. But I have a big trip coming up that I'm super excited about. I can't believe I leave in 20 days!

  3. Poor computer. This just reminds me I need to put all my things on a hard drive.


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