Tuesday, December 3, 2013

growing old

I am becoming such an old lady.

I routinely (as in 5/7 nights per week) am asleep before 10pm.

I grumble to myself on the bus when the teenagers have their music on loud in their headphones ("You're going to damage your hearing!").

I have to "warm-up" my muscles before walking like a normal person in the morning. This I blame on my broken ankle's lasting impact.

I eat leftovers willingly. Young(er) me would never do that.

I'm saving for retirement (a little) and more concerned about practicality and value with my purchases now than how cute or trendy something is.

The youngest of the "kids" in my generation just turned 22, so my family is aging along with me. My cousins' kids range in age from 9-21. There aren't any more little ones around and it shows! We were all talking about being old over Thanksgiving this year.

It's on my mind tonight because I've been back in Nashville from Pennsylvania for 2 days and the one-hour time change is killing me. Apparently old-me can't kick jet lag anymore.

I don't mind growing older, though, if I wind up anything like this adorable nearly-94-year-old. She's my favorite :)

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


  1. That is such a cute photo of you and your grandma!!

    I definitely feel like I am getting old, too. I will be 33 in a couple of months and actually feel really discouraged about where my life is at right now because I feel like the year to come has so much uncertainty and I feel too old for that. I am in bed before 10 most nights, too. Even on the weekends. There were some giggly teenage girls on my flight back from Paris and their incessant giggling when we first got on the flight drove me crazy! So I really feel like I am becoming a curmudgeon!

  2. if you're old what does that make me? :P


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