Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'll do it myself

I am stubbornly independent. Incredibly so.

In many ways, this is an asset. I do not determine my value based on my relationships with others. That wasn't always the case (hi, high school) but today the benefit is that I'm not too bothered by being single and I don't need a crowd of friends to do everything with me. I have many wonderful friends, don't get me wrong. But if I want to do something, I just do it. Nobody else coming doesn't deter me, so I have no problem eating out alone, going to movies alone, etc.

The downside is that sometimes I do things the "hard" way just to avoid asking for help. My broken ankle really brought that to light for me, and really helped me change my mindset. It is okay to ask for help when you need it, and it is okay to accept help when it is offered. Prime example: I decided to move closer to work because my commute was killing me (one hour, fifteen minutes each way. Every day.). Then every single one of my plans fell apart, and I suddenly had given notice to leave before Thanksgiving but no permanent place to return to. And a friend stepped up and offered me her spare room until I can find the right place. The same day I moved out, my car majorly broke down. So friends helped get me to the airport and move the last of my stuff, and have given me rides when the bus doesn't go where I'm going.

It's not easy for me to allow others to help me, even with small things. But this year as I've learned more about putting down roots, I've discovered that being rooted in a place is also about being rooted in community. Sometimes that's about serious stuff and thankfully, that often includes dinners with chips, salsa, and margaritas.

Today I'm hitting up Nashville's $2 theater with some friends. What are you up to?
Happy weekend!


  1. We are very similar - I don't let the fact that I don't have someone to do things with hold me back from doing them. Because if I did, I would miss out a whole lot of life experiences. So I eat out, travel, go to movies, you name it. I am also horrible at asking for help, and I don't even really like it when people do things like hold doors open for me (if I a ways away and it means they stand there for awhile, if they are right in front of me it's fine). I need to work on that, and I have gotten a little better at reaching out to others, but I still have a ways to go...

  2. community is a wonderful thing!
    i went to the theater with some friends this weekend as well.

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