Sunday, December 29, 2013

season's greetings

Confession: I am a Christmas Eve shopper. I gain no glory or satisfaction from having my holiday shopping done months ahead of time. Because I am on a budget, I don't buy gifts for friends. Immediate family only. And they know by now, since I am hundreds (formerly thousands) of miles away, that they will receive Epiphany presents.

On Christmas Eve this year I headed out into the masses at Green Hills and because I didn't have to search vainly for parking it was a lovely experience. Score yet another for the bus! I made my way to my favorite book store in Nashville - Parnassus Books. That place deserves its own love letter here. I grabbed a few gifts, and then - as is tradition - bought a Christmas present for myself.

Look, a girl on her own has to make sure she gets at least one thing she wants for Christmas!

I settled in at Starbucks with a holiday drink and Franklin and Winston. The three of us had a lovely afternoon.

I hope you had a lovely holiday! I know posting has been sporadic but my "excuse" is that my computer broke six weeks ago and I haven't been able to replace it. I've been putting it off (big, unexpected expense in a time of frugality!), but may bite the bullet in the new year. If you have suggestions on a good deal on a PC laptop (Macs are lovely, but don't suggest them. Even refurbished aren't my price range), let me know. Maybe then you'll see more of me :)

Happy (almost) 2014!

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  1. I don't exchange gifts with friends either! I am a total minimalistic when it comes to gift giving. I just get something for my parents, niece, and nephews. It is kind of nice to simplify! I am glad you treated yourself to something - a girl has to treat herself occasionally! And given the string of unfortunate things that have happened to you, you earned a treat! I hope you find a good deal on a computer. I bought mine in late November and oy vey they are pricey... But I keep telling myself it's a multi-year investment.


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