Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 in a word

This is my third year to be part of the OneWord365 community. Shepherded by my lovely friend Alece, this project has been an amazing way to define my life in Nashville. Year One was all about "pluck"; Year Two was about being "rooted"; and Year Three?

Well, as my third year in Nashville begins (this weekend was my two year Nashiversary!), it is all about being MINDFUL.

As with my last two words, mindful came to me on its own. This spring I bought a little canvas because I knew I needed a constant reminder to just "be". In November I was playing with the words "intentional" and "simplify" and neither was just right. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I spent time at my family's small organic farm, and as we sat around the table I was so satisfied. Everything was done with care, and with an awareness that we lack when we're disconnected from nature. I came back to an inoperable vehicle, no permanent place to live, and a blank slate.

As the repair costs skyrocketed, I explored the idea of attempting a car-free lifestyle. Simultaneously, I was pondering adopting a new attitude when it came to food, and since I was in the midst of moving I'd been systematically purging my possessions.

2014 began to look like a year that was going to be all about intentionality. But instead of making my year about my goals, I decided to make it about the thought and feeling behind my choices. I want to spend this year being mindful of why I do what I do. In some cases, this will reveal my passions and values. In others, it will expose unhealthy patterns and motives. I'm eager to take on both!

As I said last week, I can't quite abandon measurable goals. It's not in my nature. So I've divided my year of mindfulness into four quadrants, each with its own sets of goals. The more I've thought about it, the more excited I've become as I add goals on. It's a lot to tackle at once, but since the thrust behind this year doesn't necessarily lie with outcomes but with motive, I'm willing to risk overdoing it a bit. The bottom line is to always show ourselves grace and not to give up.

I'll lay out my specific goals for the year later this week, so for now tell me: what's your theme/word for 2014?


  1. That is a really great word to choose for 2014 as it can really impact so many areas of your life. I think my word for this year is home.

  2. Still not sure what my word would be.


Use your words.

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