Tuesday, March 18, 2014

renewed focus

Thanks to those of you who chimed in on my off-the-cuff comment about not knowing whether or not to continue blogging. I still waffle back and forth, as I have been for the past nearly five years. I've had a blog for almost a decade (oh my!), but as I made my way through grad school and into the professional world I've wrestled with whether this KIND of writing is something I want to be known for. It isn't my aim to be a big-name blogger, or to be identified as a blogger at all. That's not my calling. This space isn't a means to some kind of social media platform-building end.

I'm not saying that's an improper motive. It's perfectly fine, if that's your calling. But since it's not mine, I need to be extra careful not to let the online current pull me too far in that direction.

The question then becomes, what IS the purpose of this space in my life? I initially meant it to be a chronicle of what I was reading, but the truth is that I am reading sporadically and slowly and that does not good book blogging make. I think at the moment, my inclinations are to use this corner to keep tabs on my goals. That will alleviate some of the pressure to post constantly, since I can just post when I have something relevant to update.

I would love to have y'all chime in when you feel so led. I know I haven't been commenting on your blogs as often as I should. I confess I've barely read anything in months. But even if this just becomes a personal log of my progress, that's fine.

And on the day when it feels like I've run totally out of things to say or desire/ability to say them, that will be fine too.


  1. I think no matter if it's the goal to become a big-name blogger or just chronicle some portion of your life's journey, blogging should first and foremost always be for the blogger. Because when you stop caring about it, so will everyone else.

  2. And that totally sounded different than I meant it too. I just mean you should blog for yourself and not worry about what anyone else thinks. They'll either love it and read it or move on. But it should be for you first.


Use your words.

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