Sunday, March 30, 2014

valuable time

(14) Have a twice-a-month solo coffee date

This is one of the goals that I didn't put a lot of thought into when I chose it, but has turned out to be so amazing for me. As an introvert, I need lots of quiet time for reflection, and it's best that I carve that out for myself outside the house.

Since I got rid of my car, it's been a little bit harder to find time for myself. That seems counterintuitive, but if I'm going to spend an hour on the bus on top of my regular commute I usually use that to see friends. Truth, though?

I'm a better investment of my time.

Are you good about making time for yourself?


  1. I love the foam art! I can be good at making time for myself, and it's something I am getting better at. Of course, it's a whole lot easier to make time for myself right now since I"m not exactly getting social invitations right and left. ;) But I used to feel guilty about spending an afternoon reading or watching movies and knitting... but I try not to as I know it's an investment in my well-being and contentment.

  2. I've definitely gotten so much better about making time for myself. I take myself to the movies or out shopping. Tonight I'm going to a baseball game. Just me and 40,000 other fans.

  3. i LOVE this. i definitely need to carve out some solo time. the introverted part (60%) of myself gets a bit overwhelmed by the noise of my general life, i'm starting with moments on my hammock :-)


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