Sunday, April 27, 2014

to lazy weekends

I'm lounging on the couch watching Netflix and I plan to stay here all day. Sometimes you have to embrace the lazy.

(PS-it's been a month. I know. How are you?)


  1. Sometimes you TOTALLY have to embrace the lazy. I am reminding myself of this during my time off although I haven't really been great at relaxing yet as I have a million things on my mind related to the move. But hopefully I will start to relax a bit more next week!

    By the way, we decided on a route back to MN and unfortunately I won't be coming through Nashville. :( If I did the drive on my own, I would, but since my mom is flying out to do it with me, we will go north and then through the Chicago area so we can see my brother and his fam. But hopefully I will come to Nashville some other time as it's a city I really want to visit!


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