Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Progress Report: #47-53


47. Attend a community event every month - DONE June 2014
This is another goal that was a repeat of my first 101 in 1,001. It's right up there with my coffee dates as my favorite goal. I've been to some super fun corners of Nashville thanks to this project. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite event, but it's fantastic.

Oh, I do have a favorite memory. The Nolensville, Tennessee Buttercup Festival. Amish food, and a pig on a leash. Naturally.

48. Participate in 10 acts of community service - Done June 2014
At first I was going to count this incomplete, since I had it in my mind that a week-long service trip should only count as one act, even though we had three or four unique service projects each day. Under that thought process, I completed seven out of ten. But then I got greedy and decided to call it good :) 

49. Join the Junior League - Incomplete
I have a lot of friends in the JL and have meant to get involved since I was in law school, but just haven't done it yet. I love the opportunity to serve the community and network with other women in my city.

50. Join the DAR - Incomplete
One of my grandmother's relatives has our family tree all approved, I just need to pull together the proof for the few generations between us that are different. I just haven't bothered to do it yet, but have been more interested since I've resumed working on our family history project. I know some people have negative feelings about the Daughters of the American Revolution, but I'm not interested in perceived stigma. I just love family (and American!) history and am proud of my relatives who helped found our country. Plus, I enjoy talking to older people and let's be real - that's mostly who's in the DAR :)

51. Discover 40 new local restaurants - DONE
Lord, have mercy. Nashville is such a foodie city. There are so many amazing places in this city, and I haven't even scratched the surface. This goal is long completed - in fact, I probably got close to finishing it in the first year I lived here (2012).

52. Buy a tourist guidebook for my city and explore - DONE April 2014
I actually have three guidebooks now: a traditional "touristy" guidebook, the Wildsam Nashville Field Guide, which I call The Hipster's Guide to Nashville, and a guidebook about Tennessee as a whole. I haven't really dived into any of these in depth, but I did reference them when I had company twice this year and am really looking forward to seeing what I've missed in my own ramblings about town! 

53. Attend a professional sporting event - DONE 8.17.12
This was done thrice over - the first big event was an Atlanta Braves game in Atlanta in summer 2012. It was a lot of fun, but reinforced that I am just not that into baseball. You know what it turns out I am into?? HOCKEY. Oh my word, I am shocked to discover that I actually love hockey. I've been to a few Preds games and have totally bought into the "Smashville" team spirit.

What's your favorite thing to do in your community?


  1. Wow, you accomplished a lot on this part of the list! You've done a really great job of checking out all that Nashville has to offer. My favorite things to do in Minneapolis are outdoorsy things, like going for a walk or run by the lake (followed by some homemade ice cream from a local shop). In my neighborhood, I also love taking people up to this observation deck. It has such a great view of the area!

  2. i've been in the Preds arena, but it was for the NCAA basketball tourney. my dad use to take us to minor league hockey and baseball games all the time tho. fun stuff!

  3. 40 restaurants! That’s such an impressive goal. I’m currently crafting a list of “adventures” to take around my city because there is really SO much to do, and since I’m not traveling much over this year and next, it’ll give me some fun things to look forward to. I think I might add visiting new restaurants to my list, since I tend to stick with the same ole places often.

  4. Wow! You've really done a great job getting to know your community. I love it!

  5. I've always thought joining the DAR would be awesome! And 40 restaurants? That's impressive! :D


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