Monday, June 30, 2014

Round 3: Unfinished Business

The Day Zero Project Round 3: Unfinished Business

To start, a little history.

Over the years, my blogging identity has shifted multiple times. But since January 2009 one constant presence has been the Day Zero Project (also fondly referred to as the 101 in 1,001). The concept is fairly straightforward: you make a list of 101 goals and give yourself 1,001 days to complete them all. In order to facilitate that, your goals should be concrete and measurable in some way - "be happier" doesn't lend itself to the challenge, although that very well might be the end goal of it all. The first two rounds saw me in very different life stages, going from student to professional and from California to Tennessee.

Round 1: 2009-2011 69/101 (68.3%)
Start: I was 22, just returned from France and living in California, and had just finished with my first semester of law school.
End: I was 25, living in California, graduated from law school and had just taken the bar exam.

Round 2: 2011-2014 42/101 (41.6%)
Start: I was 25, living in California, graduated from law school and had just taken the bar exam.
End: I was 28, living in Nashville, Tennessee, had passed the bar exam and changed careers (twice).

I won't go into an exhaustive analysis of the past nearly five years, but suffice it to say that this project has had a huge impact on my life, all for the better. For a perfectionist, it obviously irks me that I haven't completed either of my challenges to 100%. While some of that was unavoidable and I accept it, much of the "incompletes" were purely inattention and lack of follow through. That just won't do.

I've given this concept a lot of thought, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not done with it! So Round 3 starts tomorrow, with a twist. Instead of inventing 101 brand new goals, my list will have four categories.

  1. Unfinished: Round 1
  2. Unfinished: Round 2
  3. Old Favorites
  4. Fresh Focus
Goals in the "Unfinished" category are items that appeared on my first two lists, but weren't completed. Old Favorites are things that also appeared on those lists, were completed, but I enjoyed so much I want to revisit. Finally, the Fresh Focus are new arrivals on the list that come from my life long bucket list or that I just came across and find intriguing for whatever reason. 

The list will go "live" on July 1st and I couldn't be more excited! 

Round 3: 2014-2017
Start: I'm 28, living in East Nashville, and feeling motivated. Bring it on.

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  1. Fun! That is a good approach to building your list of goals! And hopefully the years to come will be a bit more stable than the last 5 have been so you'll be set up to succeed at more goals. I love a good list so can see why a project like this is appealing!


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