Thursday, September 11, 2014

virtual coffee date

Friends, I miss you.

Hello? Is anyone alive out there?

It's been a long time since I've posted, with my sad excuse being the fact that my computer is on life support and I really don't find posting from my phone to be user friendly enough. And yet, here I go. Because I miss you!

I'm hopeful I'll be able to buy a new computer soon and that posting will resume. I've got some ideas for a fresh start for this space I want to implement this fall.

Until then, pull up a chair and tell me about your life. What's something you're proud of from the last month? What's something you're excited for this fall?


  1. Welcome back! I hope this is the start of a grand return to blogging!

    Let's see...something I'm proud of for the last month...I haven't gone crazy. That's an accomplishment.

  2. I'll bite ;)

    I'm proud of the way I've been managing my accounts, and one of my clients is SUPER close to launching a $400,000 campaign I was the account lead on.

    This fall, I'm excited for...running outside and not melting b/c it's a billion degrees. ;)

  3. I hope you can get a new computer - dealing with a slow dinosaur is so frustrating. That was me before I bought my new computer last December!

    Something I'm proud of from last month is a piece I've written which has gotten some compliments from management and other sales reps. Something I'm excited for this fall is going to San Francisco with some girlfriends and carving pumpkins with Phil/handing out candy at his house. I do not like Halloween at all as an adult but I LOVE the kid aspect! :)

  4. looking forward to reading more blog posts here!

    proud of my ability to enjoy the time of rest and lazyness that was brought by my vacation days last month. it was needed.
    since september is a back to school month & october is a back to university month here in RO, i am planning of pulling out all my lecture notes+seminar notes from the past 5 years and just create a very.long.indeed. list of books to read/reread. I hope to do this this month and I am excited about this!

  5. i'm thankful i can blog from my work computer. i only have an ipad mini (christmas gift)at home, and no keyboard.
    i'm looking forward to fall running weather!!


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