Monday, December 15, 2014

She lives!

Well, hello friends.

Long time no see.

I certainly didn't expect for three months of total silence to follow my last post. All I can say is that life got busy, and I still don't have a functioning home computer.

But here I am, thanks to a combination of the Blogpress app and my (not so) new iPhone 6, whose larger screen is much more blog friendly.

As the year winds down, I'm heading into my reflective season. What went well this year, what didn't, and what are my goals for 2015? One of my goals is to start writing again, in some capacity, since it's an outlet I truly miss.

What's on your mind with two weeks left in the year?


  1. It's okay to take a blog break for a while! Whats on my mind?
    Right now Id love to know your thoughts on the new iPhone 6

  2. looking at getting a new phone, but i don't wanna shell out the $$$
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. I'm on the same wavelength!

    Trying to finish 6 more books to complete my resolutions.


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