Day Zero Project//101 in 1,001

101 Goals :: 1,001 Days - Round Three
{July 01, 2014 - March 28, 2017}

Last updated: February 19, 2015
Key: In Progress Completed

After lots of tweaking, here is the list of 101 goals that I will attempt to complete in full by March 28, 2017. Instead of organizing my goals by category like I have in the past, this round has only 3 sections: unfinished business, old favorites, and new challenges. The numbers in parentheses equal the number of times I will repeat that goal (bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, random amounts, etc.). For all reading goals, visit the Currently Reading page!

Unfinished Business
These are goals that previously appeared on my first two projects but went unfinished
1. Complete a bi-weekly menu plan (17/70)
2. Keep plants alive: one decorative, one food
3. Hang one of my own photos
4. Watch a foreign film (x15)
5. Begin studying a third language
6. Study/refresh my French skills
7. Visit a museum (3/10)
- Parthenon Museum (Nashville, TN)
- Carnton Plantation (Franklin, TN)
- Ford's Theater (Washington, DC)
8. Document and complete #100happydays
9. Read a book off my ever growing "to read" list (1/50)
10. Read a new (to me) book (4/50)
11. Read every book on my bookshelves (9/260)
12. Take a solo vacation
13. Go camping
14. Be debt-free (excluding student loans)
15. Fully fund my Day Zero Savings goals including for this challenge: $5 for completed goals (owe $555) and $10 for incomplete goals (owe $910)
16. Visit a National Park (x5)
17. Print out my blog
18. Organize photos into albums
19. Back-up music and photo libraries
20. Organize/file/shred paperwork
21. Work on family history project each week (28/143)
22. Complete a craft project
23. Swim with dolphins
24. See an opera
25. Watch the ballet (not the Nutcracker)
26. Attend a comedy show
27. Ride in a hot air balloon
28. Watch the Oscar Best Picture nominees 
29. Read the entire Bible
30. Read the Collected Works of William Shakespeare
31. Go on a cruise
32. Get another stamp in/renew my passport
33. Order something from the SkyMall - RIP SkyMall - need to come up with a replacement goal
34. Participate in quarterly professional development initiatives (1/12)
35. Read a book for work each month (4/33)
36. Complete Couch to 5K
37. Run a 5K
38. Do a yoga class
39. Learn a new sport
40. Catch up on doctor appointments
41. Buy a car
42. Buy a new computer
43. Go horseback riding

Old Favorites
These are goals that previously made an appearance on the challenge and I enjoyed so much I wanted to repeat
44. Donate clothes every 3 months (2/11)
45. Visit a vineyard
46. Watch a musical DONE 09.17.14
47. Attend a concert (5/20)
- 8.20.14 - Matt Wertz (Cannery Ballroom // Nashville, TN)
- 9.4.14 - Johnnyswim (Live on the Green // Nashville, TN)
- 10.18.14 - Phil Wickham (Smyrna, TN)
- 11.4.14 - James Vincent McMorrow (Mercy Lounge // Nashville, TN)
- 12.5.14 - Andrew Peterson & Friends (Ryman Auditorium // Nashville, TN)
48. Attend the Nutcracker 
49. Donate to my alma mater
50. Give up caffeine for a month
51. Renew my library card
52. For a month, drink recommended amount of water
53. Complete all of the exercise DVDs I own
54. Go on a road trip
55. Visit a new U.S. state (1/5)
- Colorado (July 2014)
56. Go to the beach
57. Track all spending for a month
58. Save my spare change
59. Go to the drive-in movie theater
60. Go hiking
61. Eat at a local restaurant (21/40)
August 2014
- Gabby's Burgers
- Cabana
September 2014
- Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream (East Nashville)
- Eastland Cafe
- Frothy Monkey (Downtown)
- Bongo Java (Five Points)
- The Row
- I Dream of Weenie
October 2014
- Rosepepper
- Hattie B's (Midtown)
- Marche
- Loveless Cafe
- Tavern
November 2014
- Burger Republic (Lenox Village)
- Fido
December 2014
- Nashville City Club
- Germantown Cafe
January 2015
- Hattie B's (Charlotte Ave)
- Blvd 
- Teaism (Washington, DC)
February 2015
- The Mad Platter
62. Attend a community event each month (5/33)
July 2014
Fourth of July
August 2014
Chick-fil-A Community Night
September 2014 
Live on the Green
Salon @ 615 - Kirsten Gillibrand with Connie Britton
October 2014
Nashville Culture Fest
December 2014
Behold, the Lamb of God @ the Ryman
63. Journal every day for a month
64. Give a gift for no reason
65. Complete a 5 year plan
66. Regularly blog about the challenge 
67. Create a new cleaning schedule and stick to it
68. Have a twice-a-month coffee date with myself (12/66)
69. Listen to the symphony
70. Go to the theater DONE 01.15.15
71. Attend a conference out of state
72. Attend a professional sporting event
73. Play mini golf
74. Discover new music (2/30)
- James Vincent McMorrow
- Jill Phillips
75. Do something spontaneous
76. Do something brave
77. Complete a goal I didn't know I have

New Challenges
Just to freshen things up, I'm including a few new items to this round!
78. Work my way through a tourist guidebook of my city
79. Visit my college for homecoming
80. Join a professional association
81. Watch all of the DVDs in my collection (and get rid of those I don’t like)
82. Don’t eat out at all for a month
83. Run 100 miles over the course of the challenge
84. Ship the last of my books from California DONE 9.2014
85. Watch a Civil War reenactment
86. Complete my collection of presidential biographies
87. Complete my collection of Supreme Court biographies
88. Go through a corn maze
89. Go to the movies alone
90. Go to a midnight movie showing
91. Frame my diplomas
92. Cook my way through a cookbook
93. Buy flowers every month (x33)
94. Go to the rodeo
95. Ride Megabus
96. Get fitted for running shoes
97. Go stargazing
98. Visit an amusement park
99. Put an entire paycheck into savings
100. Plan for Antarctica trip
101. Write about goal setting/the Day Zero Project

Stats (as of 2/19/15)
Completed - 3 (2.97%)
In Progress - 15 (14.85%)

Interested in seeing what was on my list from 2011-2014? Click here to learn more.

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  1. Your list ends on John Elway's 54th birthday. Useless trivia, of course, but hey, it's something.

    It's nice to see another blogger that is actually NEAR me. Crazy, small world. Love the Day Zero list. I had one of my own, but did very little on it. Now I just have a 'Bucket List'.


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